Jul 17, 2013

Today is the Day!

Wow, I cannot believe it is already July 17th...

We are leaving this afternoon for Zambia! I have the day off and have spent the morning with my family (Justin and our 2 fur-babies, Darcy and Cooper). I think I am just about packed, though I keep thinking of things to add! I weighed my suitcase yesterday and it was 32 lbs., so I should be good to go. 

We are going to take advantage of our extended layover in London, so this time tomorrow I will be speeding through London to see as much as I can while we are there. 

I will try to keep this blog up-to-date everyday, but I do not know how regularly I will have access to wi-fi, so I may have to posts multiple days at once.  

My next post will be from London or Ndola! 

Thanks for reading! 


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