Jul 9, 2013


Wow, I cannot believe the trip is 8 days away! As the trip approaches, I have been thinking  about details of the trip. What type of facilities will we be staying in? What will the university be like? What companies will we meet with? What will the food be like? Will we have time to shop? The list goes on and on... 

I think I am going into this trip with no expectations, but I often find that even when I think I am expectation free, they are there under the surface.

Expectations can make or break a trip. This was driven home just the other day when Justin suggested we go to the Baylor Marina and rent a canoe for a few hours. I thought that sounded like a I great idea, I love being on the water and we had not taken advantage of the marina facilities since we have been here in Waco. Justin mentioned that he would take his fishing rod and do a little fishing while we were out there. In my mind I was thinking, this will be fun! We will paddle around a bit, find a place for Justin to fish for a little while (maybe 10 minutes) and just enjoy some time on the Brazos. 

Little did I know that Justin was viewing me as the motor for his little fishing expedition. Once we got out on the water, all I heard were things like...

"Take us over to the other side of the river"

"Stop the boat"

"We are drifting, make sure you keep us close to the shore"

"No, not that close! 15 feet away"

The expectations Justin and I took into that trip could not have been more opposite. I was expecting a fun canoeing trip with my husband, while he was expecting a fishing trip where he did not have to worry about the boat.

With this recent experience in mind, I am trying to go into this Zambia trip with an open mind. I look forward to the experience of being in Africa, and pray that my subconscious expectations are reasonable.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I hope your trip meets & exceeds your expectations!