Jul 5, 2013


For those of you interested in following my travels, here is the general information on my flights to Ndola.

We will catch a flight from Waco to Dallas late Wednesday afternoon, July 17th. From there we will have an evening flight from Dallas to London. We will get into London mid morning on Thursday the18th and have a 7 hour layover. We will have another evening flight from London to Johannesburg, landing in Johannesburg early on Friday the 19th. The final flight is from Johannesburg to Ndola, landing in Ndola around noon.

Our return flight is just the opposite, with a shorter layover in London. We will leave Ndola the afternoon of August 4th, and get back to Waco late afternoon on the 5th.

I have not totaled our travel time yet, but with one 45 minute flight, two 9 hour flights, and  one 2 hour flight, we will be in the air for around 21 hours both ways....

Any suggestions on how to plan for such long flights is much appreciated!

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