Aug 14, 2013


Wow, it is hard to believe that we have been back home for just over a week now. This summer has just flown by. 

As I get back into my daily routine, I am seeing small ways in which my perspective has been changed from my time in Africa. 

- I am not running home to turn on the TV. I was (and still am)  a bit of a TV junkie. I enjoy sitting at home with Justin and cuddling with my pups on the couch and watching shows. While in Africa, we did not turn on a TV once. I really did not miss it, I appreciated the time we had in the evenings as a group to talk about our day and share other stories together. Some of my favorite times from the trip were spent at that apartment at Northrise just talking. 

- I have another lens through which to see Waco.  Some of you may know that our transition from Chicago to Waco was a difficult one. Though we expected it to be smooth sailing since were were both from what we considered similar towns, we had a tough time settling in after being in such a big city for 2 years. I can now appreciate Waco in a different way. No, it is not Chicago, but Waco has its own beauty. I can appreciate the fresh cut grass and flower beds outside of the buildings downtown. 

- I appreciate the amenities we have here in the states that I have always taken for granted. We have the ability to run to the store at any hour to pick something up. We have easy internet access available just about everywhere we go. Most importantly our paved roads.

I am so very grateful for this incredible experience I was allowed to participate in. Going to Africa has certainly changed my perspective on a number of things, and I hope future trips will continue to help mold me as a person.

Until next time! 


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