Aug 3, 2013

Day 15 - Buses/Ndola

Today was another long travel day. We started this morning at 4:30 so that we could leave the resort by 5:00 and catch our 5:30 bus from Livingstone to Lusaka. The bus ended up leaving shortly after 6:00 and we got to Lusaka around 1:30. The bus was better this time, with only 4 seats per row, rather than the 5 seats per row we had on the last Lusaka/Livingstone trip. The bus had entertainment with movies playing. Apparently, Africa has a character that seems to be a mix of 3 Stooges/Mr. Bean/Get Smart named Mr. Bones. We ended up watching (or being forced to watch, depending on how you look at it) 2 or 3 Mr.Bones movies. The first one was a bit of a novelty for the first few minutes, but it got quite old watching the same schtick (someone falling into dung, running from wild animals, etc.) over and over again. 

Once we got to Lusaka, we left the bus station and went to the local mall for lunch. It seems as though the mall food courts actually offer decent food, compared to the states. I was really surprised at this mall, it look like something you could find anywhere in the states. We did not have much time to look around, because we had to catch our flight from Lusaka to Ndola. I am so grateful that were able to fly from Lusaka to Ndola, another 6 or 7 hour bus ride would have been really tough. 

Once we landed in Ndola we spent the evening at the Northrise apartment. I must say, there have been a ton of wonderful things about this trip, but I have really enjoyed the time we have had with our Baylor group just sitting around and talking. 

After dinner, An and I came back to the hotel to repack and get ready to leave tomorrow. We will be going to brunch in the morning around 10 and heading to the airport shortly after that. Our flight toJohannesburg  leaves at 1:00 and lands around 4:30 or so. We will have about a 4 hour layover in Jburg before catching our flight to London.  We will have another 4 hour layover in London before catching the final long leg to Dallas. After another 2 hour layover our final flight to Waco leaves around 3:30. 

I cannot believe the trip has come to an end. It feels like we were just leaving Waco to come here.  

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