Aug 2, 2013

Day 14 - Livingstone/Botswana

What an incredible day! 

We started this morning at 6:30 with breakfast and then headed out for our safari. Which started before we even left the hotel grounds with a few zebras. We drove about an hour to the border for Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, and Namibia.  We exited Zambia and got on a boat to cross the river over to Botswana (about a 2 minute boat ride, as the river is no wider than a mile). Once we were in Botswana, we got in a safari vehicle (an open air SUV that holds a 10 or so people) to take us to the Botswana immigration office. We had an issue with the other female student on the trip who is from China. Apparently she needed a visa to get into Botswana. Though we thought everything had been checked out before the trip, apparently the organizers were told incorrectly that she did not need any additional approval to get into Botswana. In the end, she was not able to go into the country with us. Thankfully, there is a wonderful couple with us from Northrise, and the wife stayed with An and they came back to Zambia and spent the day in Livingstone. 

Once we made it through immigration, we were taken to a house where there was tea and coffee ready for us before we left on the safari. The first part of our safari was on land in one of the safari vehicles. On the way to the game park, we saw some elephants on the side of the road. Once we got into the game park we saw tons of elephants and giraffes. We also saw sables, impalas, kudu, and 2 lionesses. The one thing I thought we would see but did not was zebras. I think I got some good pictures, so hopefully I will get some on here after I get back home. 

After the ride, we grabbed lunch at a local lodge. The lodge was beautiful and the food wasn't to shabby either. After we finished lunch we went out for the second part of our safari by boat. Man. That was an incredible boat ride. The Chobe river has an island out in the middle, and during the dry season (which is now in Africa) elephants and other animals are forced to go to this island to find food. We saw 6 elephants swimming across the river to the island. That was an incredible site. They came out right next to our boat. I got some great pictures, but they really do not do experience justice. We also saw water buffalo, impala, water bucks, hippos, and tons of birds. 

Once we completed the safari went made the trek back to Zambia, and the hotel. One the way back we found out that Bill Clinton is staying at the hotel right next to ours, and the two guys on our trip saw him by Victoria Falls. 

I cannot believe that we begin our journey home tomorrow by returning to Ndola, before we leave for the US on Sunday. 

This has truly been an incredible experience. I certainly hope this is not my last time in Africa, or Zambia. 

Thanks for reading!


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