Jul 25, 2014

Life Update

So it has been nearly a year since my last post.... I bet no one is reading this, so if you stumble upon these ramblings, I am sorry! I want to start blogging more regularly as a type of journal of our life. I have never been good at this sort of thing, so we will see if this sticks...

This past year has gone by so quickly. It is hard to believe that this time last year I was in Ndola, Zambia with the MBA program. That was an incredible, life changing trip for me. The relationship that Baylor is building with Northrise University is so incredible and unique, I certainly hope that I can contribute to fostering a continued relationship in the future.

As for this past year in the King household, a lot of things have happened. Here is quick rundown of life for us:
 - I completed the 4th and 5th semesters of the 9 semester long MBA program (currently working on my 6th). Which means only 1 more year to go!!!
- Justin's dissertation prospectus was passed back in November and he has been working on the dissertation ever since.
- I became a certified REFIT instructor back in February and have been a permanent sub at the REFIT studio since, and LOVING IT! (If you have not heard of REFIT you really need to check them out! It is a fitness program started by 3 incredible ladies here in Waco who saw a need for clean, (both in music content and moves) friendly dance fitness program. You should check them out at www.refitrev.com.)
- Our pups are doing well. Darcy is nearly 7 and Cooper is 4 1/2 (wow, that is hard to believe!). Darcy is starting to slow down a little bit, and started limping recently but she is already getting better. (Sorry for the poor picture quality. The lighting in our house is pretty bad!)
Darcy (L) & Cooper (R)

- Justin is entering his 5th and final year of the PhD program and will be teaching one into Religion class each semester this academic year.
- That also means that he has started looking for a job, since positions for the 2015-2016 academic year are being posted now. It feels weird to be back in this situation, where we expect a big move to be pending, but have no idea where it could possibly lead!

Well, that is a lot of information in one post, so thanks for reading!

Hope to be back on here soon!


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